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Extra virgin pine nut oil, peptic ulcers and gastritis

1. What is Extra virgin pine nut oil (EVPO)? Is it safe to use?
2. How does pine nut oil work to heal peptic ulcers and alleviate gastritis-related inflammation?
3. What causes peptic ulcers and gastritis?
4. Were there any clinical studies performed to ascertain the effectiveness of extra virgin pine nut oil as a gastrointestinal remedy?
5. What about H. Pylori? Isn't it enough to kill this "bug" to get rid of peptic ulcers?
6. Does extra virgin pine nut oil relieve ulcer- and gastritis-related abdominal pain?
7. Are there any side effects associated with the use of pine nut oil?
8. My doctor has prescribed antibiotics and antacids for my ulcer. Can I combine extra virgin pine nut oil with these medications?
9. How would the use of pine nut oil react with a person who has had the gallbladder removed?
10. Do have any suggestions for taking your pine nut oil besides just straight?
11. What are free radicals and antioxidants? How do their affect our health?
12. How does our body protect itself from free radicals? What can we do to help it protect itself?
13. What makes extra virgin pine nut oil such a powerful concentrate of antioxidants?
14. How much extra virgin pine nut oil should I take to alleviate pain and heal peptic ulcers?

Extra virgin pine nut oil, metabolism and digestion

15. What is cholecystokinin (CCK)? How does it enhance metabolism and assist digestion?
16. What is pinolenic acid (PNA)?
17. What is the recommended daily dosage of pine nut oil required for optimizing digestion?

18. I do not need to lose any weight. I will be using the oil as a gastrointestinal remedy. Will it suppress my appetite?

Sea Buckthorn oil

19. What is Sea Buckthorn oil? Where does it come from?
20. How long has Sea Buckthorn oil been used as a healing remedy? What are its principal medicinal uses?
21. How effective is Sea Buckthorn oil in alleviating the pain associated with mouth ulcers (canker sores) and in accelerating their healing?
22 . Have the therapeutic effects of Sea Buckthorn oil on canker sores been tested and confirmed clinically?
23. What is palmitoleic acid (also called omega-7)?
24. What else is Sea Buckthorn oil used for?
25. How is your Sea Buckthorn oil different from other available brands?

Camelina (wild flax) oil

26. What is Camelina (Camelina Sativa)? Why is it called wild flax?
27. What are omega-3 fatty acids?
28. What happened with omega-3 fatty acids in our food supply? What health benefits can be achieved through omega-3 supplementation?
29 . What are the advantages and disadvantages of different available sources of omega-3 fatty acids?

Other FAQ

30. Where do pine nuts come from?
31. Are your pine nut oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, and Camelina oil 100% natural?
32. Are your products guaranteed?
33. Why is your company called Siberian Tiger Naturals?

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