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Our healing oils are born in the pristine forests and rolling fields of Russian Siberia ("the Sleeping Land")

Imagine yourself in a beautiful Northern forest. You are standing there in bright sunshine, surrounded by tall, mighty trees, and the air around you is so pure, so full of health and radiance, that you cannot help the feeling of actually being able to touch it, feel it, taste it. You are finally there. You have found it. You are in a Siberian pine forest.

Siberian pine forestSiberia (Russian: "Sibir"; from the Tatar word for "sleeping land") is a vast region of Russia and northern Kazakhstan constituting almost all of Northern Asia. It extends eastward from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and southward from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of north-central Kazakhstan and the borders of both Mongolia and China.

With an area of over 3,727,000 square miles, Siberia makes up roughly 75 percent of the total territory of Russia. If Siberia were to secede from Russia, it would be the world's second-largest country, with only Canada being larger. Major geographical zones include the West Siberian Plain and the Central Siberian Plateau.

While more than thirty recognized nationalities live in Siberia, among them Buryats and Mongolians, Siberia still is a vastly underpopulated region mostly consisting of wilderness areas untouched by modern civilization. Many native Siberians still practice nomadic herding (in the northern regions) or live as farmers and hunters in the region's isolated areas. Just imagine this: Siberia is so immense that a person standing on a beach in Maine, USA, is closer to Moscow than a person standing on the Pacific coast of Siberia.

Siberian pine (Pinus Sibirica): the Tsar of all trees

The beautiful Siberian pine (Pinus Sibirica) is truly a miracle of Nature. A typical Siberian pine is about 100 to 150 feet tall, reaching five to seven feet in diameter. The seed-bearing cones would only grow at the top 4 to 5 feet of the tree's total height. Siberian pine grows very slowly, and its average life-span ranges from 300 to 550 years, sometimes reaching up to 800 years. So, when you are looking at a really old Siberian pine, you know that it was born long before the time when Columbus discovered America.

Siberian pine is an inherent part of the rich Russian tradition and heritage. The people of Russia have always had a great deal of respect for this tree, calling it "a healer" and "the Tsar of all trees". Considering that, as confirmed by modern research, the oil made from its seeds is a natural healing remedy for peptic ulcers and gastritis,* a health-promoting digestive and metabolic aid and a powerhouse of beneficial antioxidant vitamins and nutrients, we in the 21st century know for a fact that this reputation is well-deserved.

Snow-covered pine conesAll the Siberian pine nuts that we use to produce our extra virgin oil are harvested by hand in the pristine wild forests of Siberia. There are no cities or factories nearby to pollute the air and water. There are no roads. Nothing to disturb the unspoiled Northern wilderness. Our pickers take great care to harvest only the choicest Siberian pinecones that will produce the highest-quality nuts and oil. By gently pressing the delicate Siberian pine nuts at low temperatures (the way it has been done by the people of Siberia for centuries), we obtain a richly flavored, golden-colored gourmet oil which is as delicious as it is healthy.

When we pour our freshly pressed oil into glass bottles (we believe that glass is the only appropriate packaging material for natural health-promoting oil), it resembles vintage champagne. Some say that it looks like liquid gold. Indeed, a lot can be said about our oil's deep color, delicate unique flavor and distinctive aroma, but one thing is certain: for health benefits, it is really worth its weight in gold.*

*Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary and are not guaranteed in all cases. If you are unable to achieve the desired results, we will issue you a full refund.
The products sold on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Nothing on this website should be construed as a substitute for medical treatment or professional medical advice.

Sea Buckthorn Oil: the Ultimate Gift of Nature

From the pristine high valleys of the Altai Mountains, we bring you the natural goodness of Sea Buckthorn fruit oil.

Sibu Yidian - the classic Tibetan medical book Sea buckthornwritten in the eighth century AD - devotes thirty chapters to the amazing medicinal and nutritional uses of Sea Buckthorn. Sibu Yidian places great emphasis on the ability of Sea Buckthorn “to tonify Yin and strengthen Yang

Historically, other cultures have also found healing, health and balance from Sea Buckthorn. In India, it is an important part of traditional Ayurveda. It is absolutely essential in the Chinese Pharmacopeia. In Mongolia, it has long been seen as a source for indefatigable life energy - which is why, it is said, Genghis Khan and his armies drank the juice of the Sea Buckthorn berry to increase stamina and speed up the healing of wounds.

Our richly colored, extra thick and ultra-fresh Sea Buckthorn oil comes from super-high-vitamin varieties of Sea Buckthorn organically grown in our own orchard high in the Altai Mountains of Russian Siberia. In the former USSR, these special varieties of Sea Buckthorn were a closely guarded secret, because they were developed as part of a special nutrition program for Soviet cosmonauts. Our Sea Buckthorn oil is the first internationally available oil made from these special Sea Buckthorn varieties characterized by the highest vitamin and nutrient content.

Most other brands of Sea Buckthorn oil currently available in North America are made of berries harvested from wild-growing Sea Buckthorn plants of inconsistent origin and nutritional value. Because of very low yields of wild-growing Sea Buckthorn plants, they are often overexploited and damaged during harvesting, causing serious and sometimes irreversible environmental harm to fragile mountain ecosystems.

On the contrary, our Sea Buckthorn oil is produced from select, highest-grade Sea Buckthorn berries grown in full conformity with USDA organic requirements in a specially designed, eco-friendly Sea Buckthorn orchard. Our Sea Buckthorn berries are picked at the peak of their biological activity and cold-processed mechanically using our proprietary technology without any chemical solvents, refined carrier oils, or carbon dioxide: nothing added, nothing taken away. The resulting oil is truly unmatched in its purity, potency, and overall quality.

Last, but not least, because we have a fully integrated growing and production operation allowing us to keep our costs under control, we are able to offer this exceptional oil to you at a truly unique price: just $24.95 for a 1 oz. bottle (compare at $35), and only $79.95 for a full-size 8 oz. bottle (compare at $129)! This is an excellent price for 100% pure and natural Sea Buckthorn oil of such high quality and therapeutic potency. You will not find a better Sea Buckthorn oil anywhere in the world for any price – and we have a full money-back guarantee to prove it!

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Camelina (wild flax): the pride of Siberian farmers

Camelina (Camelina Sativa) - also known as wild flax, German sesame, or Siberian oilseed - is an ancient oleaginous (oil-bearing) plant from the Cruciferae family, which has been domesticated and extensively used in Europe for several thousand years. The seed oil of Camelina contains an exceptional amount (up to 45 per cent!) of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a unique antioxidant complex making the oil very stable and resistant to heat and rancidity.

Unlike any other omega-3 oil, Camelina oil is perfectly suitable for use not only as a well-balanced omega-3 supplement, but also as a health-promoting everyday cooking oil. Combined with a delicious nutty flavor, this extraordinary blend of beneficialField of Camelina Sativa polyunsaturated fatty acids and high oxidative stability makes this oil an excellent, versatile overall source of both heart-healthy omega-3 fats and powerful antioxidants, including tocopherols, carotenoids, and phosphatides. Known as "wild flax" because it is commonly found growing together with common flax (and also sometimes referred to as "false flax" due to its visual similarity with regular flax), Camelina, while supplying almost as many omega-3 fatty acids as regular flax, is much more stable than the latter, and also tastes much better.

From the times of the Roman Empire to the Second World War, Camelina oil was a common edible oil all over Europe, and especially in Germany, Scandinavia, and Russia. In Russia, it was much preferred to flax oil because of its better taste and stability, and commanded a significantly higher market price.

Today, Camelina fields are still a very common sight in the remote farming areas of Siberia. The plant is very hardy and perfectly suited for organic agriculture: it can be grown successfully without any use of agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Our suppliers grow their Camelina in full conformity with USDA organic standards.

Siberian Tiger Naturals, Inc.: on a mission to bring Siberia's best-kept healing secrets to the rest of the world

When we discovered the powerful health benefits* of extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, and Camelina oil, we have decided that we should bring this important message to the whole world. This is how our company - Siberian Tiger Naturals - was born.

Everybody at Siberian Tiger Naturals feels like we are on a mission. This mission is not only to share all the valuable information about the health-promoting properties of healing Siberian oils with everybody who is interested in achieving and maintaining good health, but also to bring these wonderful products to you while conforming to the highest standards of product quality and integrity.

Our state-of-the-art production facility uses the latest technology and the most advanced equipment to make sure that all the health benefits of our extra virgin oils are brought to you in their fullest, unadulterated form. We use the no-heat, "true cold-pressing" technology achieved through unique oil presses that are made according to traditional Russian designs.

To make sure that you enjoy only the freshest and healthiest oils available, we use air freight to deliver the fresh-pressed oils to the United States. Once here, the oils are kept in a refrigerated storage facility until ready to ship to our customers. Although both our extra virgin pine nut oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, and Camelina oil are highly resistant to oxidation due to the presence of natural antioxidants, these additional precautions ensure that they are delivered to you in their freshest, most beneficial state.

Siberian tiger (Panthera Tigris Altaica): endangered and in need of your help

Finally, a few words about the Siberian tiger - a beautiful, awe-inspiring creature who gave us so much inspiration that we named our company after it.

Siberian tiger cubsSiberian tigers are the largest of the living cats. Their average weight is 500-700 pounds, and the length of their body is 8-10 feet. The record weight for this species is 845 pounds. These animals can be easily recognized by their remarkable coat, which is long, dense and very warm.

Siberian tigers are endangered. Once freely roaming across the Russian Far East, the Koreas and China, they were hunted to the brink of extinction in the early 1900's. Having recovered somewhat in the 20th century, the Siberian tiger, once numbering as many as 2,000, now has an estimated population of only 300 to 400 in the wild.

The biggest threat to tigers has been from the Asian medicine market. Some societies believe that the body parts of the tiger, used as medicines, will cure them when they are sick. There is no proof that tiger parts cure anything, but still many people believe that they do.

In the past five years alone, more than 200 Siberian tigers have been killed illegally for this medicine market. At present, Russia is the only country in the world still harboring a significant population of Siberian tigers in the wild. A system of national parks and wildlife refuges has been established in Siberia to help the tigers survive and raise their young.

There is a number of Russian and international organizations that have programs to help save the Siberian tiger. All of them need you help and support. We think that you should know that every purchase of Siberian Tiger Naturals healing extra virgin oils supports the goal of saving this magnificent Northern cat from extinction, and bringing its population to a sustainable level. One of the most well-known and reputable international organizations working to help the Siberian tiger is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It would be really wonderful if all of us could join forces in this important effort.

The eyes of the Siberian tiger are the brightest of any animal on earth. At dusk, or in the beam of a torch, they blaze back the ambient light with awe-inspiring intensity. It would be a tragedy if we allow that magical fire to burn out.

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