The Story of Siberian Pine (Pinus Sibirica)

Imagine yourself in a beautiful Northern forest. You are standing there in bright sunshine, surrounded by tall, mighty trees, and the air around you is so pure, so full of health and radiance, that you cannot help the feeling of actually being able to touch it, feel it, taste it. You are finally there. You have found it. You are in a Siberian pine forest.

The beautiful Siberian pine (Pinus Sibirica) is truly a miracle of Nature. A typical Siberian pine is about 100 to 150 feet tall, reaching five to seven feet in diameter. The seed-bearing cones would only grow at the top 4 to 5 feet of the tree’s total height. Siberian pine grows very slowly, and its average life-span ranges from 300 to 550 years, sometimes reaching up to 800 years. So, when you are looking at a really old Siberian pine, you know that it was born long before the time when Columbus discovered America.

Siberian pine is an inherent part of the rich Russian tradition and heritage. The people of Russia have always had a great deal of respect for this tree, calling it “a healer” and “the Tsar of all trees”. Considering that, as confirmed by modern research, the oil made from its seeds is a uniquely effective natural diet aid and a powerhouse of beneficial vitamins and nutrients, we in the 21st century know for a fact that this reputation is well-deserved.