Extra Virgin Siberian Pine
Nut Oil Recipes


Our recipes featuring the traditionally produced, 100% natural extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil (EVSPO) represent a variety of delicious cuisines of the world. Most of them come from the Mediterranean, originating from countries like Greece, Italy, and France. Many studies have confirmed that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best diets to follow for promoting and maintaining wellness and the sense of well-being.* We share this view, and also think that it is definitely one of the most flavorful and creative ways to eat.
All of our recipes are based on wholesome, nutrient-dense, healthy ingredients typical of traditional diets. Making your food from scratch may be a little more time-consuming than using modern "shortcuts", but it will reward you with better-tasting and healthier meals.

In addition to the recipes offered here, please feel free to experiment with pine nut oil, as it will enhance the flavor of practically any meal. For example, in almost any recipe calling for extra virgin olive oil you could replace all or part of it with pine nut oil. When baking, as a rule of thumb, use 25% less pine nut oil than butter (for example, if a recipe calls for one cup of butter, use 3/4 cup of pine nut oil instead).
Most importantly, extra virgin pine nut oil makes every meal you cook more conducive to maintaining health and wellness, as well as more satisfying and nutritious. Making pine nut oil a regular ingredient in your cooking will go a long way towards nutritionally supporting optimal digestive processes.*
If you have a favorite recipe of your own, please share it with us! We also welcome letters describing your experiences with using extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil and Camelina oil in your kitchen. To share them with us, please send us an e-mail at info@siberiantigernaturals.com.

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As you already know, Camelina (Camelina Sativa) oil has been part of the European diet for several thousand years. This oil is unique in being exceptionally rich in both omega-3 fatty acids (up to 45%) and potent antioxidants (such as vitamin E). The high antioxidant content and an almond-like taste and aroma makes Camelina oil a much more versatile culinary oil compared with the most common source of omega-3 supplementation: flax oil. As opposed to flax oil, which cannot be heated because it goes rancid very easily, Camelina oil withstands low to moderate heat very well. Therefore, in addition to dips and dressings, it may be used for baking, sauteing, and other cooking applications not involving very high heat (such as deep frying).

On the other hand, although most people find the taste of Camelina oil to be very mild and pleasant, some others may think that it is too unusual or overpowering for them and need some time to fully get used to it.

This is one of the considerations that we had in mind when we put together our Camelina oil recipe collection. Most of the recipes presented here are for "beginners", i.e. those who would like to incorporate this health-promoting oil into their diets without having to alter the familiar taste of their food too drastically. The recipes will provide healthy doses of omega-3s and antioxidants for the whole family without overpowering the taste buds with an unfamiliar flavor. However, those who fall in love with the taste of Camelina oil right away (like we did), may adopt a bolder approach and use more Camelina oil in their cooking by replacing the traditional oils and fats in their own favorite recipes (for example, those calling for extra virgin olive oil or butter) with Camelina oil. This approach will go a long way toward protecting your cardiovascular system and achieving a healthy omega-3/omega-6 ratio, possibly preventing a lot of undesirable health consequences of too many omega-6 fats in the diet.

Again, if you have a favorite Camelina oil recipe of your own, please share it with us! We also encourage you to describe your experiences with using extra virgin pine nut oil and Camelina oil in your kitchen by sending us an e-mail at info@siberiantigernaturals.com.

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